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Io Palmer Shapes Clay into Dreams of Imagination and Exploration

By AnneMarie Hunter

“In the classroom, incredible things and conversations can happen around the making of art. The process opens your soul,” said Io Palmer, Washington State University associate professor of fine arts.

She invites everyone to share in that process.

“Art is a wonderful world to be part of. It’s constantly challenging and interesting,” said Palmer, who is also the WSU Ceramics/3D Foundations area coordinator and the Berry Family Distinguished Professor in Liberal Arts since 2018.

Through art, Palmer builds bridges. She brings art to those who have explored it—and those who have not. She believes art not only builds … » More …

Honey Bees + People + Agriculture: A Circle of Life

By AnneMarie Hunter

“The WSU Honey Bee Research, Extension and Education Facility in Othello is an amazing research and development opportunity for pollinators that is relevant and responsive in the heart of Washington agriculture–and unprecedented in WSU’s history.”

— Laura Lavine, Professor and Chair
Washington State University Department of Entomology

“The first time I looked into a honey bee colony, I was blown away,” said Kelly Kulhanek, postdoctoral researcher with Washington State University’s Honey Bee and Pollinator Research and Education program. “I watched thousands of bees … » More …

Through the Camas Plant, Archaeologist Bridges the Past, Present, and Future

By AnneMarie Hunter

Molly Carney is both a pioneering scientist and a bridge builder.

An environmental archaeologist, Carney’s work arcs Native American history, wisdom, and experiences to our 21st century world.

Through insight and empathy, she connects with the challenges and needs of others, in particular those whose voices are often marginalized.

In her research, she links the evolution of human life to earth’s botanical life.


With her current research, Molly Carney (’21 WSU PhD) reconstructs the cultural history and plant food uses by Northwest Native communities. Specifically, her projects focus on use and cultivation strategies of camas … » More …

Julia Day Pioneers Cutting-Edge Research for Healthy Buildings

By AnneMarie Hunter

Dr. Julia Day’s vision for her work is guided by a straightforward equation:

Healthy People + Healthy Buildings = A Healthy Planet

An associate professor in Washington State University’s School of Design and Construction, Day also directs the Integrated Design + Construction Laboratory (ID+CL) where she leads a team of students in pioneering building research.

A multi-disciplinary lab, the ID+CL is integrated into WSU’s School of Design & Construction, Composite Materials and Engineering Center, and the Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture. The ID+CL’s mission … » More …

Berry Family Professor Opens Doors for Youth

By AnneMarie Hunter

Berry Family Distinguished Professor Dr. Brian French is committed to helping young people overcome challenges, achieve their potential, and live happier lives. Psychometrics, statistics, and measurements are the instruments through which French accomplishes these goals.

As director of Washington State University’s Learning and Performance Research Center (LPRC) and Psychometric Laboratory, French collaborates with his team to develop educational and psychological assessments through psychometrics. In this field, response-based methodologies, such as questionnaires and tests, are utilized to assess psychological constructs, as well as cognitive and physical capabilities.

The resulting educational and psychological measurements can then be used to create … » More …

Ron Howell: A Life of Service to Others

By AnneMarie Hunter

“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.”

— Nelson Mandela

By every measure, Ron Howell has made a difference in the lives of others.

As CEO of the Washington Research Foundation (WRF) for nearly three decades, Howell led programs to benefit public health across the state of Washington and around the world.

A Washington State University graduate with a Bachelor of Science in biochemistry (’80), Howell joined … » More …

Neuroscientist Connects Study of Zebrafish to Human Communication

By AnneMarie Hunter

The gift of hearing and the art of communication are woven through the rich tapestry of Dr. Allison Coffin’s life and work.

It was a lone shark, swimming the Atlantic Ocean, that inspired the accomplished career of this neuroscience researcher and science communicator.

“One day when I was six years old, I was walking around a dock in the Florida Keys and a 3-foot-long nurse shark swam up to the dock,” Coffin recalled. “I absolutely fell in love. I was fascinated with that shark and knew right then I wanted to be a marine biologist.”

Coffin pursued her dream on an educational … » More …


By AnneMarie Hunter

Two pencils + a 9-volt battery + water = hydrogen

The equation to produce hydrogen gas is relatively simple. The process to produce liquid hydrogen is not. Though it has the potential to be a vital green energy source, production of liquid hydrogen has long proved elusive for researchers and energy innovators.

“One kilogram of liquid hydrogen has the same energy as a gallon of gasoline but is much more efficient than burning gasoline,” said Dr. Jacob Leachman, associate professor in the Washington State University School of Mechanical & Materials Engineering. “It’s environmentally friendly, green energy. Water is its byproduct which … » More …

WSU Veterinary Cardiologist Advances Feline Health Through Research

By AnneMarie Hunter

“I call myself the wandering cardiologist,” said Dr. Ryan Baumwart, who joined Washington State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in May 2020.

Baumwart, a full-time professor in cardiology service, arrived in Pullman with a vast spectrum of experience, a vision for advancing animal health, and a lifetime of caring for animals.

This passion for healing was kindled in Baumwart’s childhood, and it started at Highland Veterinary Clinic in Arapaho, Oklahoma. Founded in 1981 by Ryan’s father, Dr. Alvin Baumwart, the clinic’s mission has been to give ‘every patient the same loving attention and care as if they were the doctors’ … » More …

Cosmic Crisp®: How a Bunch Made One Good Apple

By Cindy Hollenbeck

This is a story about how one amazing apple sweetened the bunch, and how a bunch of individuals created one amazing apple. Researchers, tree fruit growers, and industry partners from Washington state collaborated to develop and promote the Cosmic Crisp® WA 38 cv.—an apple that will have a “cosmic” effect on the world. The Cosmic Crisp® demonstrates how the science of breeding and the art of imagination can come together to make a new star apple.

Twenty-plus years after horticulturist Bruce Barritt took pollen from the Honeycrisp and placed it on the stigma of the Enterprise to produce seed, boxes of the … » More …

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