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Washington State University

Endowment Management & Fees

In accordance with the WSU Foundation’s bylaws, the WSU Foundations Endowment is managed by the Investment Committee. The Investment Committee is responsible for investments, reinvestments, and general management of the endowment. The committee establishes policies for investing capital, monitoring, and reviewing investment performance, establishing appropriate benchmarks, and managing the investments to maximize the endowment’s financial potential while minimizing risk. The WSU Foundation contracts with Mercer LLC for investment consultant services.

Annually, a 1.5% Advancement Fee is charged to the WSU Foundation Endowment. This fee is paid out quarterly and is calculated based on the 36-month rolling average of the Endowment’s market value. There are other costs associated with the Endowment such as investment management fees, custodial costs, and consulting expenses.

If you have questions about the WSU Foundation’s fee structure, please call 800-448-2978.

Click here to view the WSU Foundation’s Fee Disclosure (pdf).

Washington State University Foundation