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Washington State University

Museum of Art

Heart of the Arts at WSU

As others are pulling back from the arts, we recognize and seize the opportunity to build a new Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art WSU. Ours is the century of creativity, when every pursuit – from agriculture and engineering to global health and cultural studies – must be infused with innovative thinking.

Students involved in the arts have been seen to be more flexible in their approach to problem solving and more willing to take intellectual risks. Cultivating an appreciation of the arts has proven to lead to heightened creativity, tolerance and critical thinking – all traits that contribute to a better informed citizenry. The new museum will be perfectly suited to these results, a place of exploration across disciplines and cultures.

“Art urges people to step away from what they know and explore new concepts.”
          –  Sara Janecke, former WSU student


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Please consider a gift to support the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art WSU priorities below:

Buy-a-Bus Fund

Unlike their fellow K-12 students on the west side of the state, our kids do not have easy access to an art museum.  We offer this program so they can experience art up close and personal.  It’s simple: we pay for the bus for all K-12 age students within a 100 mile radius of WSU.  They visit the Museum of Art and receive a guided tour of the exhibition and the art on campus.  Oakesdale teacher Jason Reed has been bringing his students to the museum ever since the program started. Those first visitors are now out of high school, and have had the experience of museum-quality art and being in on a college campus as part of their lives. Thousands of students in our underserved region have had similar experience, but without the support from the Bus program, this would have been impossible.  Help us keep it robust and thriving!


Support the Museum of Art's "Buy-A-Bus" program.


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