Sylvia Bullock


Although I’m not an alum, Cougs of all backgrounds have put their arms around me, a girl from Virginia, and welcomed me into the Coug family. I work as a Student Support and Writing Portfolio Coordinator for WSU’s Global Campus. I help our largely non-traditional student population complete all of their writing requirements so they can graduate on time. I also collaborate with the admissions teams to help prospective students complete the application process.

In addition to my fabulous co-workers, I have found my place at WSU by advising a student group—the Black Women’s Caucus—and as a member of the Black Faculty and Staff Association. While I participate in other groups, these organizations have given me a chance to give back to the University in a profound way.

I support WSU because I want to contribute in any way I can so every student can have an optimal experience. I am grateful that I can continue to grow and learn with my students and my co-workers. I believe in the potential of WSU and want to support our mission. I invite you to join me!