jairo4-225x300A May 2014 WSU graduate, Jairo has achieved a goal that he once thought impossible—graduating from college. He credits scholarships as the key that opened the door to great opportunities in his career and future. Now, he has his sights set on paying it forward through a career in the health care field.

My inspiration:

My parents wanted to pursue professional careers but their economic status meant that for them, college wasn’t an option. They’ve always insisted that I strive for a higher education, so I am very inspired to succeed both academically and professionally—for them and for myself.

 How scholarships helped me:

If not for scholarships, I wouldn’t have met this great University, nor the amazing people who are part of it. Although it was important to my parents for me to attend college, they were unable to help me pay for my education. Scholarships have helped me pay for my tuition and even most of my educational expenses, like books and student fees.

Jairo1-300x199Now that I’ve graduated:

I’m gaining clinical experience by working as a translator in a hospital while working toward becoming a certified nursing assistant. I’m also applying to physician’s assistant programs.

What fuels  me:

A lot of different illnesses and diseases are prevalent in my family line—many of which could have been prevented had my relatives been more knowledgeable about their health. My interest in the health care field began as a desire to give back to my community and to those who live in other rural areas who lack access to cutting-edge health knowledge. I believe that a career as a physician’s assistant will enable be to connect with patients in a meaningful way. I want to help people, no matter where they live, feel empowered when it comes to living full and healthy lives.

Jairo2-300x300When I need a break from my academics…

I decompress through sports. In addition to visiting the student recreation center to work out, I’m a member of the WSU men’s volleyball club. We work hard together while having fun and even compete at several nationally ranked competitions around the state.

Why I love WSU…

Once I stepped on this campus (Pullman), I felt that I’d joined a family. Here, it’s not only about high academic standards—it’s about forming new friendships and great relationships that I know will last for the rest of my life. Along with these things comes the pride and satisfaction of being a Coug and knowing that wherever I go and wherever my future career leads, I’ll always find community with fellow Cougs.

Something people might not know about me:

I am the first person in my family to attend and to graduate from college.