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CougStarter Project Funding Rubric

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  • Crimson Robotics

    Crimson Robotics is WSU’s official battle bots team. They are hoping to be the first undergraduate team to compete on the TV show Battlebots in April 2020. They are fundraising in order to purchase tools and parts for their robot, as well as to help fund a new lab space for their current work, as well as future members of the team.

    Crimson Robotics (formerly, Battlebots) was founded in December 2018 by Daniel Goto. (Pictured above, top row, second from right) In their first month after formation, the group began meeting in a space that was far too small to fit their needs, and began work to get on the show. After two more moves, the team have finally received a permanent workspace. However, the space still needs to be outfitted to meet their needs as a group.

    Here are links to the team’s website and Facebook pages.
  • This will be taken into consideration when making the final decision on CougStarter projects.
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