College has taught graduate student Yadira Olivera a notable lesson she will remember throughput her life: “There is room for mistakes and growth, but
never failure,” says the Robert E. McNair Alumni Scholar and recipient of myriad scholarships.

Olivera-YadiraYadira transitioned seamlessly from the undergraduate to graduate program in WSU’s human development department in 2013, and will receive her master’s degree in 2015. She plans to pursue her Ph.D. at Washington State University.

Recognition for her achievement s at WSU include a Gray Award for Academic Showcase and the Human Development Senior of the Year Award. Some of her work appears in the McNair Scholars Journal. She also tutored student-athletes as an undergraduate.

About her research…

For many parents, figuring out how to raise healthy, well-adjusted children who are prepared for success in life is overwhelming. For many of these parents, figuring out what, or even if they will be able to feed their children dinner seems an impossible, daily challenge.

My research as a graduate student in prevention sciences addresses issues of coping in childhood and adolescence, parent-child relationships, and assessment of response to interventions. We are developing and implementing novel programs to help parents teach their children effective coping skills in Pasco and Prosser, Washington, and in La Habra, California.

On her future…

I want to implement and evaluate effective intervention programming to help low-income and underserved populations. I would love to help parents in these communities learn effective skills to build healthy and positive relationships with their children. I will dedicate my life to helping these parents re-envision their futures, and transform their children’s lives.

To WSU’s donors…

Your remarkable generosity allows me to tackle these issues head on. Your support empowers thousands of Cougs, like me, to make a tangible difference in the lives of those who need us most. Thank you!