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Video Judging

All videos will be judged by a panel of WSU Foundation staff and volunteers, and the three highest scoring will be awarded first, second, and third prize. A judging rubric is available here. The major categories through which the videos will be evaluated are the following:

  • Originality—How well does your video stand out among the entries?
  • Diversity—Does the video represent people from all walks of life?
  • Engagement—Does the video generate excitement about WSU?
  • Quality—How good is the production? Sound quality? Editing? Smooth transitions?
  • Message—Does the video convey an exceptional WSU experience and the importance of donor support?
  • Resonance—Does the video offer a “take away” for the audience?

People’s Choice Award

All eligible videos will be posted to the WSU Foundation YouTube Channel on Monday, October 29. The video that receives the most “likes” by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 7 will receive the People’s Choice Award.

All winners will be announced Friday, November 9!

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