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Call-A-Coug FAQ

I’m a student interested in working at Call-A-Coug. Where do I get more information?

If you are a WSU student interested in a part-time job in a high-energy, fun working environment, contact Carina Coppedge-Pope at 509-335-6981 or

Who is calling me . . . a telemarketing company?

Call-A-Coug staff consists entirely of current WSU students. They make calls on behalf of WSU and the WSU Foundation, gaining valuable work experience and building their communication skills. The program gives YOU an opportunity to share your WSU stories and experiences, ask questions, voice concerns, give feedback, and pledge support to your favorite WSU priority.

Why am I getting called?

Call-A-Coug’s objective is to touch base with each of our alumni, parents, and friends annually. We want to make sure you are receiving Washington State Magazine and your college or department newsletter. We also want to share news and information about the University, its needs, and how your gift to WSU can help.

Can you just send me something in the mail?

The WSU Foundation does try to contact WSU alumni, parents, and friends through the mail. However, we focus on making most of our contacts through the Call-A-Coug program because most of our alumni enjoy speaking directly with a WSU student.

Why do you ask for so much money?

Each college, department, and program works with Call-A-Coug to determine how much support to ask for. The amount truly reflects the need in each area.

Why do I get so many calls from WSU?

We do our best to call each household no more than twice a year. If you do receive multiple phone calls, it is only because each of the colleges or departments where you are affiliated is trying to ensure you have an opportunity to touch bases with their unit and share information with you.

Why do you ask me to increase my gift every year?

Any increase in your annual support helps tremendously with the area or project you choose to support.

How does my gift make a difference?

Gifts of all sizes make a difference. Alumni giving participation plays a big role in determining school ranking and grants made to the University by outside sources. It is also one of the best measures of how graduates feel about their school and the education they received. Your participation is a great way to demonstrate your pride for WSU!

For what program are you raising money?

Call-A-Coug calls on behalf of every college and academic department at WSU, as well as Athletics, the Parents Program, Northwest Public Radio & Television, WSU Museum of Art, and The Libraries at WSU in an attempt to update your information and find out about new developments within your college or unit.

 What happens after I make a pledge through Call-A-Coug?

After confirming with the student caller the dollar amount you wish to give and the area you wish to support, you can either complete your gift over the phone by credit card or you may request a pledge confirmation letter be sent to you. If you choose to make a pledge, you will need to return the bottom portion of the letter with your payment. If you prefer to fulfill your gift through multiple payments, please send your first payment to the WSU Foundation with the bottom portion of your pledge letter. We will send reminders that you can use to make additional payments. You will receive gift receipts for all payments we receive.

When can I expect your call?

Calls are made Sunday through Thursday in the late afternoons and evenings. Call-A-Coug will try to reach everyone between late August and the end of December. If we cannot reach you during that time, we will try again during the spring semester (January through May).

From where are you calling?

Call-A-Coug is located in the Lewis Alumni Centre on the WSU campus in Pullman.

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