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Washington State University
The Devvie Award Nomination Form

Award Categories

The GUIDE Guru
Donor Experience (Adherence to GUIDE)
Embodying the Donor-Centered Approach; delivering service to develop deep and meaningful relationships and institutionalizing the relationship between donors and the University.

Mr. or Ms. Collegiality
Collaboration/Collegiality (Teamwork and Interpersonal Skills)
Helping others, sharing knowledge/ideas, problem solving, contributing to a positive work environment.

The Infinity and Beyond
Above & Beyond/Stepped up/All in/High Standards (Self-Leadership)
Enthusiasm, resourcefulness, initiative, innovation, creativity, leadership, bringing out the best in others.

The You’ve Got Mail
Communication (Communication Skills)
Open and clear communicator; adjusts to new and different situations, reads the behavior of other people, compromises to reach agreement, and avoids and resolves conflict.

The Crimson Cougar
Spirit/Positive Attitude (Adaptability)
Maintains a positive approach to life situations and challenges; able to move forward constructively and inspire others.

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