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Washington State University
WSU Global Campus

Established in 2012, the Global Campus is a door that connects the world to WSU and WSU to the world. It provides access to the best of WSU for students, faculty, and anyone seeking to gain or share knowledge. The Global Campus consists of five pillars, each of which advances WSU’s mission to bring education beyond geographic boundaries. And it goes beyond education to create a virtual gathering place that offers a true campus experience.

WSU Global Campus is proud of its awards and accreditation. The Global Campus is ranked the 12th best online university in the nation by The Best Schools organization, which also ranked the campus the best in the state of Washington in 2014. The Global Campus’ undergraduate program is also ranked 20th in the nation by U.S. News and World Report.

The Global Campus offers eight undergraduate and 12 graduate degrees, as well as undergraduate and graduate certificates. Global Campus students also engage with the WSU community through unique extracurricular options, such as an online student government, face-to-face gatherings, and the Global Connections program, which presents online educational and cultural events.

Scholarships and other support for the WSU Global Campus will help bridge the geographic gap for even more place-bound students across the state and around the globe who are looking to WSU for a quality education experience.

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