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Meet Our Students

Meet: Ben James

A junior civil engineering major with a Spanish minor, Ben knows that achieving big dreams requires a lot of hard work. Thanks to scholarship support, the Chugiak, Alaska native now have the extra motivation needed for his dreams of becoming a pilot in the US Air Force to take flight.

Ben-James-3-300x244I’ve always wanted to…

Be a pilot, to fly. My dad retired from the Air Force and even though I want to join, he always stressed the importance of education. My dream after school is to become a commissioned officer in the Air Force and learn … » More …

Meet: Lisa Heard (’13)

Lisa Heard '13

A young woman with big dreams, May 2013 graduate Lisa Heard knows that facing challenges is all about finding the right inspiration. Thanks to receiving the Edythe Miller Boucher Endowed Scholarship in Business her junior and senior years, she learned about (and has taken inspiration from) another WSU alumna—a 1934 business graduate known for her verve. Following graduation, Lisa moved to New York City where she is working in the ad sales division for TIME Magazine.

Inspiration crosses generations…

I was so excited when I got Edythe’s scholarship. I kept a photo of her on the wall in my bedroom for inspiration. I admire … » More …

Meet: Jacob Brandvold

The impact of scholarships should never be underestimated. For Jacob Brandvold, scholarships enabled a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that helped him discover how his passion for animals could give a bigger purpose to his life.

Jacob knew he wanted to be a veterinarian since he was a young child. In his youth, he worked toward that dream by reading books and articles about animals and seeking opportunities to work with veterinarians.

“My passion for animals continues to grow, and what I learned about the demands and stress of the profession—things that might seem daunting to … » More …

Meet: Ashley Nilson

Donor funded scholarships are essential. There are many stories of students who would have had to forego their college educations had it not been for the generosity of donors and the scholarships they received. Ashley Nilson lived one of those stories.

A senior from Spokane Valley studying neuroscience with minors in chemistry and Spanish, Ashley is a recipient of the Senior Scholarship Fund.  This generosity is what is allowing her to continue her education at WSU.

Created in 1999, the Senior Scholarship Fund is an endowed fund comprised of senior class gifts to provide … » More …

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