Scholarships have empowered Yuliya Baranovskaya in her studies at WSU Tri-Cities, where she has earned a place on the President’s Honor Roll each semester since her freshman year. Now a junior, Yuliya is grateful for the opportunities that keep her educational goals on track as she balances a multitude of responsibilities.

Yuliya Baranovskaya (’17 Bus. Admin.)
Yuliya Baranovskaya (’17 Bus. Admin.)

“For me, attending college is not a choice, but a must,” she says. “Working two jobs and being a full-time student was my choice, backed by necessity. In a situation like this, any extra help for tuition and school expenses is welcomed. Scholarships increased my ability to put extra time into school, which is a priority for me.”

Yuliya’s parents instilled in her a sense of ambition and emphasized principles based on discipline and perseverance, she notes. She has a passion for learning that ignites her determination to do well in her classes. She knows that her WSU education will take her far in life.

Her decision to enroll at WSU Tri-Cities was simple—and obvious. “WSU Tri-Cities has all the great things that I was looking for in a university. Possibly the first factor is that the teacher-to-student ratio is small, which allows for the formation of close relationships with professors. Having attended a small high school, this factor was very important to me. WSU also has a strong business program, and a well-known MBA program, which I plan to complete after receiving my bachelor’s degree.”

Yuliya is making the most of her WSU experiences by growing as a leader: she represents her fellow business majors while serving on the ASWSU Tri-Cities student senate. And she looks forward to establishing a strong presence in the work place, eventually becoming an executive for a business and computer software company.


In her own words:

What was the guiding factor when you decided your major course of study at WSU?
“I knew that I wanted to work toward a degree in business administration before I knew that I wanted to attend WSU. I was told at times that a business degree is not as valuable as it once was, but my decision was strengthened once I knew what WSU could offer me. With professors who are experts in their fields and are well-connected in the community, along with the variety of classes that I could possibly take – WSU’s business program is a great fit for me. Also, I plan to earn an MBA, and WSU’s seamless transition from the business college to the MBA program is what I need.  Along with majoring in business, I decided to pursue a minor in computer science, and WSU is the perfect place to work on this combination.”

What do you hope to accomplish with your degree from WSU?
“With my degree in Business Administration from WSU, I hope to become a strong executive for a computer software business. At the moment, I do not know the specifics of the business I would like to lead, but I do know that with the professional education that I receive at WSU, I will be able to be an effective leader and team member. Along with the degree that I will work on at WSU, I also have a chance to continue being involved in student government, which allows me to work on interpersonal skills, which I know are very valuable in the professional world.”

Something people might not know about me:
“I am originally from the Republic of Moldova, but have lived in Washington state for the last 15 years.”

When I need a break from my academics:
“I grab some dark chocolate and escape into a great book!”

What fuels me:
“…seeing my parents’ hardworking and tiresome days, and wanting to help and give back to them for their raising me and bringing me to where I am today.”