Having an older sister who was a WSU graduate, Lisa knew she was destined to experience life as a Coug. Pullman being a true college town is what made her time special at WSU. WSU was able to give Lisa the exposure and opportunity of a large school but also the close-knit family feel of a smaller school. Currently working in the research field as a research director, Lisa felt it was only right to give back by creating a scholarship within the College of Business that focused on those interested in market research.

Lisa Tanaka
Lisa Tanaka

Were you involved in any organizations while at WSU?
Mainly, the Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society.

What are your future plans?
I had an opportunity to live and work abroad in South Korea. It was an amazing experience. I’d love to be able to live and work internationally again at some point in my career.

Why do you give to WSU?
I was very fortunate to receive several scholarships throughout my time at WSU. These scholarships were crucial to my success in school. I feel it is important give others who need the opportunity and to limit some of the financial burden that comes with higher education.

What is your Favorite memory of WSU?
Between Cougar football, summer school (which is awesome!), working on campus in a variety of jobs my entire time (Student Computing Services was the best!), and making great friends and having great professors, I seriously can’t pick just one!