College of Veterinary Medicine

Campaign Goal: $133.3 Million

$141.2 (106%)

Total in millions as of January 31, 2015

Today, nearly 70 percent of new infectious diseases in humans aretransmitted from animals. Identifying the causes of these diseases andexploring new vaccines take years, specialized talent, and the latestequipment and facilities. Specialized research linking the health ofanimals and people has placed the College of Veterinary Medicine atWashington State University at the forefront of veterinary science.

The college was one of the first established at WSU and is the fiftholdest college of veterinary medicine in the nation. Today we are theprimary provider of veterinary medical education in the Northwest. As aland-grant institution, we have trained doctors who care for pets andagricultural animals. Our research in neuroscience, cancer, andmolecular structures has translated into discoveries about humans. Nowthe college is well positioned to build on the following key strengthsfor new leadership in the care of animals and people.

  • Meeting the global infectious disease challenges for humans andanimals through the Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal Health
  • Bridging brain, behavior, and health through breakthroughs in the neuroscience of emotions, motivation, and sleep
  • Creating fundamental health science advances through the School of Molecular Biosciences
  • Enhancing the contributions of tomorrow’s veterinarians to societythrough scholarships, advanced leadership and communications training,and sustained instructional excellence

Through The Campaign for Washington State University, the collegewill pursue the big ideas that drive positive global change. For us thismeans a renewed attack on infectious disease, long-awaitedbreakthroughs in brain science, creating fundamental health scienceadvances through molecular biosciences, and providing unsurpassededucation for the veterinary leaders of tomorrow.

An Invitation To Give

The College of Veterinary Medicine has the vision and the commitmentto become the model research and teaching veterinary institution for the21st century. We now ask our alumni and friends to help us advance ourkey areas of strength in emerging diseases, global animal health andpoverty, safe food and healthy animals, and model systems to promotehuman health.

Your partnership with us will create an enthusiastic response to theurgent health needs of an interconnected world. Through the Campaign forWashington State University, we invite you to join us to help completethe important work we have begun.

Meeting The Global Infectious Diseases  Challenge $74.5 Million
New State-of-the-Art Research Facility $35 Million
Endowed Chairs (9) $26 Million
Endowed Graduate and Postgraduate Positions $7 Million
Technical Support $2 Million
Travel Endowment $0.5 Million
Operations Funds for Infrastructure Support of Research $2 Million
Collaboration and Execution $2 Million
Bridging Brain, Behavior & Health $10 Million
Endowed Chairs (2) $7 Million
Endowed Training Positions (2) $3 Million
Biomolecular Advances $12 Million
Endowed Chair in Reproductive Biology $3 Million
Distinguished Professorships $1 Million
Graduate Fellowships $3 Million
Postdoctoral Fellowships $3 Million
Undergraduate Scholarships $2 Million
Developing Tomorrow's Veternary Leaders $36.8 Million
Endowed Scholarships $4 Million
Advanced Leadership and Communications Training $17.7 Million
Sustained Instructional Excellence $15.1 Million
Total $133.3 Million

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Dr. Bryan Slinker
Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine
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Director of Development
College of Veterinary Medicine